“Custom” Semi Truck Sleeper Interior

Custom Built 132″ Peterbilt sleeper. With all the comforts of home, from a 27″ LCD TV w/satilitte reception to a shower and flushing toilet. E-mail: Truecustom@gmail.com Website: WhereVisionsBecomeReality.com

16 thoughts on ““Custom” Semi Truck Sleeper Interior

  1. TrueCustomInc

    @dazocker1985 We could build one for you. Tom the owner seems pretty happy with this one. I hope you looked @ other video on this truck labled “you gotta see” it shows the interior better. Please subscribe to our channel. There are more videos coming….. Thanks

  2. Rebasepoiss

    It looks like a small apartment. It’s great! Sad that trucks like that can’t be used in Europe due to strict length regulations.

  3. mojicaangel43

    this is a true luxery in its class with up to date technology this is something i will consider to have my truck customize keep the good work

  4. mojicaangel43

    this the best up to date sweet ride this better than custom condo with up to date technology keep up the good work

  5. TrueCustomInc

    The total cost of this conversion was about 140K that includes all systems, from the generator to the automatic bunk/T.V. movment ect, ect…..

  6. statusmaximus

    Well, I reckon your Grandad will be bloody impressed!!..I know I would be.
    I would love something like that down here in Oz.
    We don’t see trucks with that very often..

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